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IslAure | A Family Business From Roots To Fronds

 Our product is our reputation, period. 

As native Floridians', IslAure was created to help make a difference not only in our community, but around the world. With a single, yet simple idea of how to change the sunglass industry for good, we are moving forward with a goal to connect with a culture, provide a respected product, and be a catalyst for as much good as possible.

With a lush history in boating, fishing, beach life, and all around coolness, our founder Andrea knows the importance of both style and practicality. Mixing these qualities with her natural entrepreneurial instincts she researched, designed, and created a revolutionary pair of sunglasses that we believe will change the way people think of "Aviator Sunglasses" all together.

Our story started with an idea, but got developed with our family in mind as the base. "IslAure" itself is a combination of the names "Isla" and "Aurelia" (eye-luh-ray) to honor our first two nieces, and our logo is hand written by our mother for true originality. This is a continuous reminder for us to keep our family name in mind when making decisions.

If we wouldn't put our family name on it, we wouldn't sell it. 

Charity Association 

Nothing is more important to us than giving back and helping in anyway we can, whether it's to our local communities or nationwide charitable organizations. That is why we have dedicated $2 of every purchase to 5 different charities.  After adding an item to your Cart you will have the opportunity to add an extra amount to the donation. Any little bit is extremely appreciated!
Our five current charities are: 
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
St. Baldrick's Foundation
Human Rights Campaign
Conservancy of Southwest Florida
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
All donations are directly managed by DailyKarma and processed through The GoodCoin Foundation.

Artist Spotlight

CA in LA handwritten logo

Courtney & Ashleigh in Los Angeles (CA_in_LA) are best friends, filmmakers, and musicians.

Known as "the best harmonies on Twitch", you can join them and their community "The Ohana"
live on their Twitch channel; Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays @ 8PM PST.

Since 2013 Courtney and Ashleigh have created over 100 films and played thousands of songs together. In addition to touring the world with their work screening in film festivals, their music blends ambient tones with haunting harmonies to create a tragic blend of heartbreak.

Passionate about storytelling and creating unique experiences through film & music, their content explores themes of identity, relationships, and mental health. Courtney & Ashleigh are proud of their loyal and collaborative community focused on empowering and uplifting one another.

Please feel free to learn more about CA_in_LA and show support by visiting: